Hygiene & Threatre Wear


Examination Gloves Latex Powdered Latex Examination Gloves Powder free Nitrile Blue Gloves - Latex free,  Powder free Nitrile Purple Gloves - Latex free,  Powder free High Risk - Blue Nitrile -Examination Gloves Household Yellow Latex Rubber-cleaning gloves- S- XL Blue Deli  Disposable Gloves - embossed Deli - Disposable Gloves - Smooth and Clear Deli - Disposable gloves Clear and embossed - Size S, M, L Surgical Latex Sterile Powdered  Gloves - Pairs Vinyl Clear Examination gloves -Powderfree Green Nitrile Gloves

Head Protection - Mop Caps

Bouffant, Nurse,  Hairnets - Head Wear Mop Caps - white, red, blue,green,navy,pink,orange,blac kyellow Non - woven Mop Cap  -18' -21' & 12g -14g

PVC & Plastic Aprons

PVC Aprons Blood & Fat - white -Butcher Plastic Disposable Apron - yellow Plastic Disposable Apron - blue Plastic Disposable Apron - green Plastic Disposable Apron - red Plastic Disposable Apron - white Plastic -Disposable apron -clear-transparent Smock Plastic Aprons- T Shirt - blue Smock Plastic Aprons - T - Shirt -red Smock Plastic Aprons - T Shirt - green Smock Plastic Aprons - T Shirt - white Smock Plastic Aprons - T Shirt - yellow

Arm Protection - PVC Sleeves & Sleeve Protectors

Plastic Sleeve Protectors-Arm Sleeves -Oversleeves  - White Plastic Sleeve Protectors - Arm sleeves -Oversleeves -Blue Plastic Sleeve Protectors -Arm Sleeves -Oversleeves - Red PVC Sleeves - white PVC Sleeves - yellow

Face Masks

Dustmasks - FFP2 Dustmasks - FFP1 N95 Dustmasks- Duckbill N95 Dustmasks - Fold Flat Face Masks facemasks 2ply Paper Facemasks -Queen Chariot masks Beard Cover

Body Protection

Disposable Coverall Surgeons Gowns- Reinforced - non woven blue - S-3XL Plastic raincoats labcoat PROMAX_large COVERSTAR_large

Shoe Protection

plastic shoe-covers blue shoe cover plastic Shoe Covers -Boot Covers- Shoe protection - non woven white shoe-covers non woven blue

Other Accessories

First Aid metal box Regulation 3 & 7 Refill blue plasters Blue Plasters - Xray Metal Detectable Blue Plasters- X ray -Metal Detectable

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